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Released 08 April, 2015

The emotionally tense track Nigma, which opens the EP, emanates from the first seconds the coldness and growing despair on the background of rich melodies, radiating melancholy and hope at the same time.. An unusual overlay of the rhythms and sounds of percussion instruments that culminates to the climax of the song,  cuts into the ear. One of Us has a more positive sound,  although with a taste of peculiar Teravade's minorest. Clear, fairly quick rhythm, samples, live guitar acoustics, fascinating hearing of the transitions from one part of the composition to another, and Its logical conclusion - all in the track is harmoniously and holistically. Lute - the third track, remarkable  by use of samples, unusual instruments, causing the Association with the other world .. the extraordinary construction of the rhythm in the background of florid melodies, the development of its, sometimes fabulous, story, nice hearing of the transitions - will let you listen the track in one breath. And finally, two bonus tracks from Walkboy, the incredible master of remixes who brought some ease and sometimes even playfulness  to the sound of the first track Nigma.. The mood of the composition has changed, definitely, but the author's melodic detachment remained intact. And later in Lutе Walkboy encroached again on the fundamental change of the track structure (but this is the Remix), with preservation of the main melodies and recognizable instruments of the author's composition, it turned out powerful and atmospheric.



  1. Teravade - Nigma (Original mix)
  2. Teravade - One of us (Original mix)
  3. Teravade - Lute (Original mix)
  4. Teravade - Nigma (Walkboy remix)
  5. Teravade - Lute (Walkboy remix)